I Adore Harmony
What I Don't Like Doing
I Cant Pretend But...
Niveles de tolerancia

I don't blame or forgive; who am I for this or that? I also don't leave this for any creature, earthly or divine. I only try to understand that which is close to my knowledge and sensibilities.
I am not religious, but I do love, respect, and listen to those who believe in something or someone, in everything and nothing, in one indivisible god or many, and multiplying ones. Those who believe in a divine order or universal chaos. Those who belive in totems, orishas, promiscuous deities, in tricephalic insects or in phallic symbols. Those who believe in the devil or lighting big candles.
I am not heterosexual. I am not homosexual. I am not even bisexual. I am, as my good friend Xiomara Laugart tends to say, simply sexual. The fact that I tend to go for the males is a simple hormonal whim. The same impulse that drives me towards chocolate ice cream, over all other, possibly tastier flavors. Whatever I may be, or consider myself to be,  I respect and listen to all my fabulous homo, hetero, bi and transsexual friends of any sexual or asexual  inclination. I believe in love, far beyond any preference, craving, repression and pleasures.
I am not reactionary. I belive in progress and in people that wish for human progress. Up until these same people, corrupted by power and self-interest, turn into reactionaries, and repress, opress and manipulate others, countering said progress. It is then that I feel uncomfortable enough to pick up my things, make my suitcase and change sides. I want to always be in the team that never falls for the trappings of power. Those who will not use words to manipulate others. Those who use words to enchant human beings, make them believe in true love and a much better place.
I do not judge, but I am passionately opinionated (misinterpreted many times as arrogance).


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