I Work to Please Myself
I write, Therefore I Am
Passion and/or obsession
I Enjoy Almost Everything
Escribo; luego existo

I write because I have a lot of questions. Because I see the world through my writing. Because I feel, I am and exist through all that I write. I write because it is how I breathe and it is writing that offers me my frame of reference for what is real.
I have to materialize my thoughts and bring them to existence, so that I may feel truly alive.
I write for me. Be it material worth publishing or it finally published, or not.
I write for you, when I write for me, because I can't really tell the difference.
When I think, I am writing within my brain. I visualize everything in the form of extensive letters with illustrations, even if illustrations are not needed. These long letters color everything else, they keep all my memories as if they were photographs, like dreams.
Before I started writing, when I was four years old, I began drawing. I was drawing stories so that I could write them once I figured out how. Those scribbles were so abstract that now I wonder if they were expressions written in a language only I knew back then.
Once I stop writing, I will know that I will be living on borrowed time. I will not transcend and it will no longer matter. I would not allow this barely-living being to dictate what happens then.
All that matters to me right now is to feel alive and this life to be worth something to somebody.


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