I Work to Please Myself
I write, Therefore I Am
Passion and/or obsession
I Enjoy Almost Everything
Escribo; luego existo

There, I said it. I enjoy almost everything. And when I say "almost", I am only savoring the idea that there is something delicious just beyond my reach that has been deemed "forbidden", but not for long.
I enjoy, above all else, the time spent with my children. I say this with all honesty and without reservation, in spite of it seeming "politically correct". My children make feel more alive than anyone else. They are the reason why I choose to not be unhappy and I can't be.
I enjoy my friends, who awaken in me the most diverse and genuine range of emotions which escape all structures, margins, frames and even escape the boundaries of the word "friendship". I have to be careful about how much I actually love them and how I can express this. I don't want to frighten or scare them away.
I enjoy my family, insane as they all may be. Slaves to blood ties and emotionally dependent of capricious , pendular genes. I learn form what I "received" from them, and what they have of me, in them.
I enjoy love, even though I feel limited and encased in this one body, that does not allow me to express myself fully and defy acceptance and understanding.
I enjoy "bad" and the worst that we have to offer. This makes it so easy for me to value the "good", and it is the best teacher in lessons on how to be a better person.

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