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Ego and Me
El ego y yo

I have an ego. Ah! to be all love and humility, absolutely genuine and frank, without a trace of vanity! But no, sadly, I am not one among the chosen. As I am not free from these trappings, I must wage a daily battle to rid myself of ego.

I am not just talking a bout vanity or arrogance, I am also talking a bout selfishness, of fear and the many other faces of this ephemeral self.
The ego is the start of that voyage to explain the reason for human existance. The end of that road is love.
The ego is a funhouse mirror, that keeps me from seeing myself or seeing others as they are.
The ego startles and confuses me, it doesn't let me be.
The ego is a costume that I wear through life, and it makes me believe I am that character, not letting me walk off the stage.
Yes, I have an ego, but I do keep it do keep it in check. Domesticated, watched, docile, subdued. I keep it walking at a rythm and drinking small sips of water.
That being said, my fear of dying is a sign that I still have an ego. Unfortunately, I should say


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