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My Family

I have two beautiful, witty, loving, friendly, divine sons... (in the words of their mother). Ares (the oldest) is gentle and loving (not at all like the god of war). Eros, the youngest, is small and he sure is a handful, but he is literally a sweetheart.

Ares squints his eyes when he laughs, he always thinks of others, he shares what he has and even what he doesn’t have, he asks transcendental questions about his world, and he is a protector of ants.

Eros is more mischievous than little Pepito from Cuban jokes, and he puts Dalí to shame with his surreal drawings. At night, he sticks his tongue out at the muna (moon-ah, his own spin on luna, or moon, in Spanish.)

I’m telling it now, and you could imagine almost anything, but if you see them, if they laugh in your face, you will know that the stories of spells and charms are true.

After looking at myself in the eyes of my children, it makes me want to be good.


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