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I remember Belkys—he had a voice like thunder but he was a softie. Fransisco—he put it all on the line for his students. Rafael Tena—he had such a passion for teaching literature. He basically made me to join a literary workshop and even convinced me that I had talent when I read him a ridiculous poem about a heart pierced with an arrow.
I remember Luis David, my physics teacher. He had me mesmorized with his experiments. I, too, was at an age where I was an adolescent experiment.

There is one teacher that I especially admire: Ulises Cruz. He has been my life-long teacher. When I was four, he gave me painting and theater classes. He showed me how to create a world within the world. He lives in Cuba, surrounded by Roman statues, rusted wrought-iron fences, colored stones, Japanese vases, Russian figurines, fake flamingos and real peacocks... in a rich and eclectic universe that only a grown-up child like himself is capable of creating on an island in the third world.


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