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Pere Gimferrer (poet, essayist, member of the Real Academia Española, and literary consultant for Seix Barral) Gimferrer is not only an excellent writer and editor, but also a great friend. Since that first message, in which he expressed his desire to publish Al otro lado and kindly commented on the strong impression the book had made on him, we have maintained a beautiful epistolary friendship, where we exchange thoughts about our impressions and our passions for literature and film.

Teresa Mlawer (President of Lectorum Publications, editor, and translator) Tere and her husband Bill “adopted” me years ago (a metaphor for a near biological paternity). More than just my books, they have edited my clumsyness and ingeniousness. They look me in the eye and tell me the truth. They call it as they see it.

José Antonio López (President of Editorial Everest). José Antonio has been a pleasant discovery. A tenacious man and an accomplice with great ideas. He is the father of many children, many good books, has enthusiastic undertakings and a proven passion for life. His daughter Raquel López, director of publishing and his children’s literature editor, Ana María García have been friends before anything else; co-workers after that.

Reina María Duarte (Director of Edebé, Vicepresident of IBBY) Reina is a great colleauge, a sympahetic and fun friend with whom I share ideas and manuscripts. She is hard-working, eloquent, courageous, and sweet. Just like me, she is a true believer in love and enjoys the mystery of life. 

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